I guess I lied.


Sometimes people come out of nowhere.

I don’t believe that God tests you. I don’t think He gives you two choices and then depending on which one you pick, rewards you with this or punishes you with that. I guess what I’m saying is that I don’t think He sent me this guy to see how I would act to determine if He would bring Nick back. I don’t think He was like, “well if she walks away from this temptation then I will finally rebuild their relationship.”

I think when I realized that’s not how it works, it made it easier on me to be happy. I now have an amazing boyfriend, who came out of no where. So far from left field I kind of got blind-sided by it. But I’ve woke up every morning smiling. And I like that.

You kept telling me to move on. You told me we weren’t getting back together. 


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