I’m not sure if this longing in my heart will be answered by a person or a place, but I am sure that I will not sit around stagnant wondering what will cure it.

Asheville, North Carolina is now the place where my dogs, cat, and I rest our heads. The mountains are beautiful, the lakes are fun, and the people are different..

I can’t tell if I’m homesick for the beach or all the memories that I created there. I do know I miss salt water therapy, my church, and the way that I could sit by the ocean and it would make all of my “problems” actually feel so small and insignificant.

I have decided that its time to make better friends with myself. One thing that I have realized in Florida was that I took better care of me; i worked out, i ate healthy, i laughed a lot, i had no drama and if it developed- i kicked the people who brought it out of my life asap, and i spent a lot of time with Him. I think a lot of these things can be accomplished where I am as well and I recognize that. It may have been easier there, but I’ve never been one to shy away from working hard. It’s time to step it up here.

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